Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) and its three hospitals recently joined Interactive Health’s more than 3,000 clients to provide a wellness program designed to identify and reduce health risks, drive health outcomes, and impact medical and pharmacy claims costs. WCHN’s wellness coordinator Michele Smallidge, EdD, RD, explains why Interactive Health is a great fit as a wellness partner, and what they are doing to help WCHN succeed.

Partnership with Interactive Health

There are several factors that exemplify the success of our partnership with Interactive Health. The personal and timely attention we are given by the Interactive Health team make us feel like true partners in health. Additionally, there are some specifics that are crucial components of our partnership.

Cultural Fit and Personalization

  • Interactive Health based its strategy on our network’s goals and culture. In other words, they are truly engaged in discovering what wellness means to us as an organization.
  • Interactive Health made the process of developing the “Our Network Wellness Program” personal and engaging, connecting and integrating our goals into a process that fully leveraged our existing internal services.

Flexibility and Internal Program Integration

  • Interactive Health’s platform, content and webinars address not only the physical aspect of wellness but also the emotional, financial and spiritual. As a large health care network with a diverse workforce spread across a wide geography, we have numerous areas of wellness to address. Specifically, Interactive Health provides digital offerings and worked closely in our planning process to insure existing programs including our employee assistance program (EAP), financial counseling and our in-house stress management and healthy eating programs. As a Health Care provider this was very important to us.
  • Interactive Health provided timely and personal support in offering and promoting our internal programs as well as identifying where gaps may exist in our communications and promotions.

Results, Outcomes and Feedback:

  • The quantitative side of the Interactive Health platform is thorough and enables us to continue to study of our workforce and its progress. With the help of Interactive Health, we were able to review our existing data to help identify the areas that require the most attention. SUCH AS? Future planning will be targeted at those areas.
To learn more about Interactive Health’s services, please email learnmore@interactivehealthinc.com. The account is monitored Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. We will respond quickly.

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