As a health coach, a key to working with clients is being prepared to meet them where they are. Sometimes it is less about working on a specific health goal and more about providing support in times of need. Susan Logan, health coach at Interactive Health is adapting her coaching sessions to help our members find silver linings amongst the stress and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Susan helps members to adapt and embrace change
I help members set goals, work through barriers and build confidence in their journey to better health. Lately, my clients have had trouble focusing on their health goals because their lives have been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

My clients are feeling alone and scared. Their routines are different. Many are working remotely, homeschooling their kids or enduring long hours on the front lines. In this time of uncertainty, clients share their stressors and we talk about how to best adapt and even embrace this “new normal.” Here are some examples:

Isolated from family and friends. Human connection is essential for good health. Coming up with creative ways to connect with loved ones is important and many are using technology to do it. Clients are using FaceTime or Zoom to have a virtual dinner with friends and bedtime stories with grandchildren.

Working from home.
Establishing a regular routine is important to stay focused. I ask my clients to get up at the same time, dress for work and take regular breaks. Working from home doesn’t have to be boring. Some of my clients are using Zoom backgrounds to pretend they’re meeting on a tropical beach.

My family is together 24/7. This can be an opportunity to reconnect. Form a family book club or have a topic to discuss each night at dinner. Some families are breaking out the board games, playing charades and using free online exercise resources to stay active.

My favorite restaurants are closed. This is a great way to save a little money and brush up on culinary skills. Clients are trying new recipes, cooking with the kids and having home-cooked meals together as a family.

Too much spare time. It helps when people feel they are accomplishing something. My clients are doing home repair, knitting, quilting, gardening and woodworking. Some are knitting gloves to donate to a local homeless shelter and making masks for healthcare providers to take home to their families.

Working on the front lines.
This is a tough one. I try to provide these clients with a safe place to vent and be heard. I let them know that we care and sometimes that’s all they need.

As we adjust priorities, make stronger connections with each other and have a greater appreciation of life; we are rebuilding for the future. I have no doubt, we will come out of this pandemic a stronger, more grounded and appreciative country. Now that’s a silver lining.

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