A large manufacturing company partnered with Interactive Health to implement onsite wellness management with a strong health coaching focus to help their employees achieve their individual goals and live a healthier lifestyle. This commitment to an onsite presence has helped create a culture of wellness and in one case, led to an employee reaching out for help in a crisis, ultimately saving his life.

Client dedicates resources to create a culture of wellness and trust
The onsite wellness program coordinator and health coach builds trust and helps employees identify and reach their health-related goals. Occasionally, it involves assessing crisis situations quickly and connecting employees to the appropriate care.

An employee came into the health coaching office stating, “I have pressure in my chest” and “I can feel my heart beating out of rhythm”. The health coach encouraged him to sit in a chair and practice deep breathing. This employee reported feeling continual pressure in his chest upon lifting while working.

The individual’s blood pressure and pulse were taken and revealed an irregular and fast heartbeat. No headache, sweating, nausea, dizziness, pain, numbness or other symptoms were reported. After rechecking his blood pressure and pulse, 911 was contacted and given a report. The coach met the EMT in front of main building where the employee was taken in an ambulance to the hospital.

During our first follow-up health coaching session after this incident, the employee revealed that he received nitroglycerin in the emergency room to get his heart back to a normal rhythm. He said that his tests revealed no heart damage and his physician stated, “You were lucky to get here in time.” The employee was appreciative of my help and said, “Thank you for saving my life.”

This employee continues to come to the onsite health coaching office weekly to monitor his blood pressure and talk about ways he can continue his journey to better health. This manufacturing company has dedicated the resources to create a culture of wellness where employees feel safe to address health related issues to improve their quality of life or even save one.

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