Interactive Health wellness program coordinator, Megan Jobe, RD, LD, CHWC works side by side with employees at one of our client’s largest manufacturing plants.  In less than 1 year, Megan’s onsite presence has helped to quadruple participation in the wellness program health screenings and requests for health coaching has increased by 160 percent.  Hear how Megan’s creative engagement strategy and this client’s commitment to improving employee health has led to early success for this facility of almost 4,000 workers.

How Megan Helps our Members  

A large automobile manufacturer and Interactive Health have partnered for over 20 years to provide wellness and prevention services to its employees across the United States.  As a part of a five-year corporate strategy, executive leadership is committed to broadening awareness and increasing participation in the wellness program at several of its largest locations.

One of this client’s largest manufacturing facilities expands over 6.9 million square feet and employs workers around the clock.  Prior to 2018, an Interactive Health program coordinator worked remotely to promote wellness at this facility.  As a part of the five-year strategy, leaders made a strategic decision to hire a full-time coordinator to work onsite at this facility to help achieve its goals.

I was assigned as the plant’s new onsite program coordinator and hit the ground running.  I physically work at the plant and interact with managers and employees on a day to day basis.  This interaction alone has increased visibility of the wellness program and has allowed me to better understand worksite culture and employee health needs to build a customized engagement strategy for this location.

Getting employees to participate in a manufacturing environment can be difficult.  To meet this challenge, several engagement strategies were implemented.  For example, wellness tables showcasing a variety of monthly health topics were set up in locations where employees congregate socially and the frequency of communicating monthly activities via TV, newsletter and email increased.

This summer, the wellness program became a part of the plant’s new hire orientations.  For 5 weeks, we offered free health screenings, health fairs and a presentation on the wellness program.   In addition to huge spikes in health screening participation and requests for individual health coaching, these events increased health awareness, established trust and built relationships.

Momentum is building; wellness is becoming a part of the corporate culture, employees are gaining knowledge about their health and participation is soaring.  I applaud this client for their commitment to improving employee health and I am proud to be a part of this exciting journey.

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