SKF has been a leading global technology provider since 1907.  Through their commitment to SKF Care principles, this organization provides employees with equal opportunities for personal and professional growth including a commitment to improve overall health and wellbeing through the “Enhance Your Health” wellness program.   This commitment to employee health began in 2000 through a partnership with Interactive Health.

Partnering for the Long Term

Over the last 18 years, SKF and Interactive Health have chartered new territory together and pushed each other to raise the bar to help SKF employees and spouses achieve optimal health.  Over time, innovative engagement strategies, changes in incentive design, availability of multiple screening options and website enhancements have been added to ensure health risks are detected early and every participant is empowered to adopt new habits supported through personalized resources to achieve healthier, happier lives.

Today, SKF provides its 5,486 FLEX eligible US employees and spouses with an innovative multi-faceted well-being program where all activities are strategically integrated and promoted via a year-round engagement platform and personal health action plan designed to motivate and reward participation.

An increasing number of employers including SKF, are incorporating financial incentives into their wellness programs.  In fact, a recent survey reported 86% of employers offer financial incentives in their wellness program.   At SKF, employees and spouses are awarded a meaningful incentive linked to the benefit plan for participating in the health evaluation and being tobacco-free.  Additional incentives are awarded through the robust “Enhance your Health” sweepstakes program for activities such as meeting a health goal, faxing screening results to a physician and participating in a company- sponsored walking program.

The “Enhance Your Health” wellness program is seeing great results.  In 2018, 83% of the FLEX-eligible SKF population participated in the annual health evaluation and 75% of these participants actively engaged in the member website.  Moreover, 35% of participants at moderate health risk moved to a healthy state, 32% at high health risk moved to a moderate or healthy state and an impressive 83% who were already healthy, stayed that way.  Finally, a strategic move to provide A1c testing for all health evaluation participants resulted in 605 more participants identified with risk related to pre-diabetes, newly discovered or out of control diabetes.

So, what does this mean in terms of dollars saved? In 2018, the wellness program delivered a strong value, returning over $3.14 in costs avoided for every dollar spent on wellness programming. Additionally, 2017 was a good medical spend trend year and as a result, the incentive plan design was increased to reward their wellness program participants on the plan.

Wellness program results suggest that employees and spouses are more connected to their physician, are actively engaged in year-round personal health management and have documented health improvements.  As SKF looks to the future of its wellness program, SKF and Interactive Health will continue to push each other to provide better health outcomes resulting in a healthier workforce and a healthier bottom line.


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