New report harnesses 25 years of data and experience

CHICAGO (July 11, 2017) – Interactive Health, a national provider of employee wellness programs, announced today the release of an annual reporting tool that delivers decisive insights into the health improvements and cost savings achieved through its programs.

The report is part of a broader effort to quantify the effectiveness of Interactive Health’s programs and help its more than 3,000 clients make decisions that will lower their healthcare costs while improving employee health.

“This new report arms me with more proof that Interactive Health’s program works,” said Raymond L. Eames III, Director, Benefits of SKF USA Inc., a bearing and seal manufacturing company based in Sweden. “It provides me with the kinds of data, insights and recommendations on our wellness program that our company needs. It feels good when you can prove that doing what’s best for your employees and their spouses is also good for your business.”

A key feature of the new report consists of custom benchmarking. This allows a client to see their employees’ participation, engagement and overall health outcomes compared with employees at another group of companies, selected specifically for each client and with statistically similar demographics.

Such comparisons allow Interactive Health to provide their clients with more targeted, data-driven recommendations, found throughout the new report, on topics such as reducing prediabetes and improving employee participation and engagement.

The ability to offer custom comparisons is a direct result of Interactive Health’s longevity and size. Its database includes 25 years of health information, plus data from more than 1 million active employee members at more than 3,000 companies located in all 50 states.

As employers continue to seek ways to manage the rising cost of healthcare, the new report also provides a conservative estimate of the costs a client has avoided based on the health improvements of its employees. Specifically, the report drills down on costs avoided through the reduction in risks of prediabetes, out of control diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and anemia.

In addition to the new benchmarking and financial features, the tool also showcases data on participation and engagement, member experience, prevalence of various health risks, change in health risks, aggregate health risk scores and improved health outcomes.

“Action-oriented wellness programs are a business investment, and we understand how critical it is for employers to be armed with the right information,” Interactive Health President and CEO Cathy Kenworthy said. “This new report is a valuable tool that makes evaluating program effectiveness and managing healthcare costs easier. Our programs work because they are based on evidence and data.”

About Interactive Health

Interactive Health (, the country’s leading provider of health management solutions, creates innovative wellness programs designed to increase overall company health and actively engage employees to make lasting behavior changes. By offering health evaluations that detect risk proactively, Interactive Health has the capability to immediately intervene and engage at-risk employees with a personalized course of action. A unique achievable goal is then assigned to each participant based on individual results and health improvements are measured. Interactive Health has a 25-year track record and annually names the Healthiest Companies in America. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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