National workplace wellness leader incorporates offerings from Health Solutions

CHICAGO – Interactive Health announces the successful integration of Health Solutions program and service offerings. The completed integration results in the most comprehensive portfolio of workplace wellness solutions in the country. The combined organization moves forward together with a single goal of improving employee health.  

“Operating as one, unified Interactive Health, we are thrilled to offer an even broader set of wellness solutions,” said Cathy Kenworthy, president and CEO of Interactive Health. “Our focus is on providing the most innovative wellness programs designed to improve the health and wellbeing of our clients and members. No matter where employers are on the wellness spectrum, whether they are focused on creating health awareness or measuring health improvements, our programs are designed to create a catalyst to care.”

Interactive Health, an industry leader for over 20 years, works with more than 2,000 employers and 750,000 program participants in the U.S. and worldwide. The company achieves measurable results for clients and employees through personalized wellness programs such as:

  • Healthy Triumph: makes healthy living attainable and health improvements achievable. The clinically-based, fully integrated wellness program is built to focus on an employee’s total wellbeing, connects participants to clinical care and ties together all elements of an employer’s benefit program. Highlights of the program include personalized testing, immediate outreach, industry-leading engagement rates, powerful data analytics and detailed reporting.
  • Healthy Start: the ideal first step for organizations searching for ways to positively impact their bottom line while helping employees attain a brighter and healthier future. This program provides an engaging onsite wellness experience designed to create health awareness.


Interactive Health also provides Power-Ups, value-added workplace wellness services designed to amplify Healthy Triumph and Healthy Start.

Power-Ups include:

  • Healthy Activities
  • Onsite Health Coaching
  • Flu Shots
  • Onsite Wellness Management
  • Targeted Assessments
  • Global Services


“We’re passionate about our work and dedicated to improving the health of our members. Our seamless integration allows us to continue to consistently provide our clients with strategic wellness solutions that go above and beyond their expectations to deliver proven results. ” Kenworthy said.

About Interactive Health

Interactive Health ( is the leading provider of worksite wellness solutions designed to engage employees in the management of their health. Through Smart Testing and a personalized health assessment, a proven methodology is applied to proactively detect health risk. If health issues are detected, Interactive Health immediately intervenes to engage individuals with a personalized course of action. Using ActiveEngine, a proprietary algorithmic-based clinical intelligence engine, a unique achievable goal is assigned to each participant based on individual results and health improvements are measured. Interactive Health has a 20-year track record of creating the Healthiest Companies in America.

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