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The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) selected Interactive Health’s employee wellness program Inspire Health, Lead the Way to be featured in a case study focused on a “Culture of Health” and successful workplace wellness programs. The case study highlights our strategy, approach and results within our own employee wellness program, while highlighting our ability to actively pilot and evaluate innovative new features, services, and activities for our employees and our clients.

HERO, in collaboration with workplace wellness experts, sought companies from a variety of industries, business types and sizes to participate in a case-study project. These case studies focus on employers who have developed and fostered a healthy culture in the workplace, one that is designed with elements that support employee health and well-being.

HERO study committees discuss, analyze and research topics to produce reports, presentations and, often, peer reviewed journal articles. With HERO members as authors, they are focused on providing understanding and guidance to employers.

Forty-seven companies submitted their program and results to be considered; Interactive Health was one of 11 companies selected for an individual case study.

The health of our business is directly related to the health of our employees and their families. As we continue to innovate on our own program, we improve the health of our people and ultimately the health of our clients each year!

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