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CHICAGO (March 30, 2017) — Interactive Health has achieved the Health Champion Designation from the American Diabetes Association. This designation recognizes companies and organizations that inspire and encourage organizational well-being and is part of the Association’s Wellness Lives HereTM initiative. Only two companies in Illinois have been awarded this designation for this term.

“We are honored that our commitment to the health and well-being of our employees has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association,” said Cathy Kenworthy, President and CEO, Interactive Health. “Our goal is to transform employee health, which benefits our people, their families, and the work we do for our clients and participants. We are committed to helping identify employee health risk at the earliest possible stage for our employees and our clients, and we know that pre-diabetes and diabetes is at the forefront of health issues for every company. As part of that effort, we’re aggressively expanding our services to enable us to identify risks for diabetes and pre-diabetes commensurate with the incident rates estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Medical Association.”

To qualify for the Health Champion Designation, a company or organization must meet the healthy living criteria in three areas:

  1. Nutrition and Weight Management: Five of the 11 criteria options such as offering healthy food choices, promoting nutritional information and providing healthy vending options.
    • Interactive Health offers its employees access to its wellness program at no cost, which includes access to a staff of more than 60 health coaches, many of which specialize in nutrition and weight management. They offer healthy vending machines, educational lunch-and-learns, webinars, steps and activities challenges and more promoted through our wellness program.
  2. Physical Activity: Four of the ten criteria options, such as participating in the physical activity events of the American Diabetes Association, facilitating walking or biking to work, encouraging taking the stairs, and others.
    • Interactive Health knows that employees need to get moving to fight type ll diabetes and encourages regular stretch breaks, use of sit/stand desks and walking meetings to keep employees active. Employees are also encouraged to stay active through participation in physical activity-based challenges, local walks/runs, and more.
  3. Organizational Well-Being: Having an organizational smoke-free policy and three more of the 11 criteria options, such as having a designated wellness program coordinator, committee or representative for staff/members, and integrating health information into internal communications, among others.
    • Wellness is embedded within the culture at Interactive Health, and is part of “living the mission”. The wellness program is free to company employees and their spouses. From leadership to a wellness committee of champions and peers, the importance of health and well-being is engrained in everyday communication throughout the organization.

About Interactive Health

Interactive Health (www.www.interactivehealthinc.com), the country’s leading provider of health management solutions, creates innovative wellness programs designed to increase overall company health and actively engage employees to make lasting behavior changes. For every company’s perspective on health management, early stage or mature, Interactive Health has a highly flexible program to meet its needs. By offering health evaluations that detect risk proactively, Interactive Health has the capability to immediately intervene and engage at-risk participants with a personalized course of action. Using ActiveEngineTM, a proprietary algorithmic-based clinical intelligence engine, a unique achievable goal is assigned to each participant based on individual results and health improvements are measured. Interactive Health has a 20+ year track record of creating the Healthiest Companies in America. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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