The American Hospital Association (AHA) announced today it has extended its exclusive endorsement of Workplace Wellness Solutions from Interactive Health. Workplace Wellness Solutions feature Interactive Health’s most comprehensive preventive care solution, built to make a meaningful, measurable and lasting difference in the lives of employees. AHA Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of the AHA, awards the AHA Endorsement to products and services that help member hospitals and health care organizations achieve operational excellence.

As employers, hospitals are challenged with maximizing employee health plan benefits while minimizing health-related costs. Interactive Health’s personalized health management programs enable hospitals to improve employee health, manage costs and increase productivity without adding to internal staff workloads or requiring additional tools and technologies.

“Fostering a culture of health within the health care organization is critical not only for it to maintain operational excellence, but also to provide a model of healthy living for its community,” said Anthony J. Burke, senior vice president of the AHA, and president and CEO of AHA Solutions, Inc. “Through proven, successful results, Interactive Health has continued to demonstrate its commitment to helping hospitals improve employee health.”

Interactive Health’s workplace wellness solutions transform companies and their employees by combining a thorough health evaluation, supported by a wide range of technology tools and immediate outreach by health coaches. Interactive Health’s engagement is well above industry norms, with 30 meaningful touch points per year and a 75 percent intervention engagement rate.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the American Hospital Association,” said Cathy Kenworthy, president & CEO of Interactive Health. “Our mission is to build healthier companies by improving the health of our clients’ employees. We are especially honored by this continuing recognition by the AHA, whose exemplary standards and deep diligence help us to set the bar for service quality and innovation. We recognize our responsibility to continue our work to distinguish our services within preventive care, especially within the hospital community whose employees dedicate their lives to taking care of others. We are appreciative that our efforts continue to be recognized by the American Hospital Association.”

About the AHA
The American Hospital Association (AHA) is a not-for-profit association of health care provider organizations and individuals that are committed to the improvement of health in their communities. The AHA is the national advocate for its members, who include nearly 5,000 member hospitals, health systems and other health care organizations and 43,000 individual members. Founded in 1898, the AHA provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends. Visit to learn more.

About AHA Solutions, Inc.
AHA Solutions, Inc. is a subsidiary of the American Hospital Association dedicated to serving member hospitals by helping them identify the optimal solutions to their most pressing market challenges. Through the AHA Endorsement, along with educational programs featuring peers and industry experts, AHA Solutions supports the decision-making process for hospitals looking for partners to help with clinical integration, information technology, talent management, cultural transformation, financial sustainability, the patient flow and other key challenges.

AHA Solutions is proud to reinvest its profits in the AHA Mission: To advance the health of individuals and communities. For more information, contact AHA Solutions at 800.242.4677 or visit Also connect with us via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About Interactive Health
Interactive Health (, the country’s leading provider of health management solutions, creates innovative wellness programs designed to increase overall company health and actively engage employees to make lasting behavior changes. Regardless of where a company may fall on the wellness spectrum, Interactive Health has a highly personalized program to meet its needs. By offering health assessments that detect risk at the earliest possible stage, Interactive Health has the capability to immediately intervene and engage at-risk participants with a personalized course of action. Using ActiveEngine, a proprietary algorithmic-based clinical intelligence engine, a unique achievable goal is assigned to each participant based on individual results and health improvements are measured. Interactive Health has a 23-year track record of creating the Healthiest Companies in America.

By becoming an Interactive Health member your company could save a yearly


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