Research shows wellness programs that include onsite activities and social interaction positively influence health behaviors. During the pandemic, most employees are working from home and everyone is social distancing. During this time, it’s critical for wellness companies to adapt their programs quickly and engage employees who are now physically isolated from each other and their community.

Read how Kathryn Check, healthy activities operations manager, and her team jumped into action to better support our clients and their employees during these unprecedented times.

Team relates to remote worker struggles and adjusts accordingly

Throughout my career, I have worked both in an office setting and at home, so the concept of remote working is not foreign to me. Typically, when I work from home it’s distraction-free but now that’s all changed. As a result of the recent stay at home orders, my husband and I are working from home while homeschooling and caring for our two young children. This along with the lack of social interaction with family and friends is affecting my ability to stay on top of my physical and emotional health.

If I am feeling this way, I know our members must be struggling as well. As a trusted advisor to our clients, every Interactive Health service area has been working to better support our members working from home. My team jumped in quickly to help by bringing new and modified programs to the table in a thoughtful and creative way. Here’s how.

When the news of COVID-19 immerged, we worked with the health management team to create a hand washing flash challenge supported by CDC guidelines. As our clients made the shift to remote working, we started developing other health challenges such as a Move More challenge that includes at-home workouts and family-friendly physical activities.

Existing challenges have been adapted temporarily to include pandemic-friendly activities. For example, the Earth Day challenge now encourages individuals to plant a garden instead of visiting a local farmers market and removes references to carpooling with others or picking up litter in the community.

Many of our clients offer incentives for participating in healthy activities on-site or in the community but these types of activities are currently not available due to social distancing requirements. We armed our account managers with a list of alternative activities to share with their clients such as family movie day, cooking a new recipe, starting a new hobby, FaceTiming with friends or trying a 5-minute meditation.

A remote worker care package was assembled to address employee emotional health and well-being; one of our client’s top concerns. It contains recorded webinars and online workshops that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Our Chill Out, Exercise Happiness and Snooze or Lose challenges are included as well as six flash challenges focusing on self-care, understanding stress and showing kindness for yourself and others.

The brainstorming doesn’t stop here. We know that care, creative thinking and new tools will continue to address the acute needs of our clients today.

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