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From coast-to-coast, we help companies solve for rising healthcare costs by delivering preventive programs that help employees get and stay healthy. We work alongside you to identify your company’s goals and provide a suite of flexible solutions to meet your needs. We also offer a wide but integrated array of services, from emotional health risk identification and support, to prediabetes testing to health coaching and targeted, online content, addressing 400+ health-risk factors.

The Numbers Show Our Impact

2,000+ Clients served annually
1Million+ Members served annually
3,004,140 Member logins past 12 months
18,745 Upcoming appointments scheduled this month
5,006 Monthly health coaching sessions completed

Our Focus: Your Needs, Your Objectives

Does your company have a specific or unusual wellness objective? Would you prefer to have Interactive Health work on-site alongside your human resources department? Are you a hospital system that would prefer to use your own lab facilities for screening? We fulfill all of these requests. Tell us what you’re trying to solve for, and we will help you get there.

Active Insights: Arm Yourself with Fresh Perspectives and Hard Numbers

The path to the right employee wellness program starts with knowledge. Explore our blog.

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